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This post is about our Third Annual (can you believe it !)  January Family and Friends Theater Outing to BEAUTIFUL: The Carole King Musical and social event …. an update on our White House Tour; it’s back on! …. details for the new Lunch Bunch kick-off …. and a heads-up on a rare opportunity to see some rare contemporary art … CUBA Trip details.

Carole King Blank HeaderTwo CarolesTHE MUSICAL SCORE OF A GENERATION:  The career and life choices of the amazingly prolific songwriter and performer Carole King seem to span several musical eras.  From a teen hanging out at the famous Brill Building on Broadway in the 1950’s peddling her own songs, to a hugely successful songwriting career (Will You Love Me Carole King TapestryTomorrow, (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,  I’m Into Something Good …etc.)  for a Who’s Who of 1970’s pop-rock performers, to her initial and somewhat reluctant solo performing as an early opening act for James Taylor, to -finally-  her debut as a headliner coinciding with her historic album Tapestry – she personified the zeitgeist (especially as it related to women) from the late 1960’s through the early 1990’s.  Her 2010 career-capping Troubadour Reunion Tour with James Taylor, where they accompanied Carole_King_y_James_Taylor-Live_At_The_Troubadour-Frontaleach other and performed many of the works they had collaborated on earlier in their careers (You’ve Got A Friend, So Far Away) was a fitting coda to an amazing – and unexpectedly symbolic – life and career.   That period and the life behind it has now been produced as a Broadway musical:  BEAUTIFUL: The Carole King Musical which the MWC is going to see on Saturday, January 18th.   Join us – and, yes, please invite a spouse, partner or friend – for a great, post-holiday pick-me-up:  a resonant snapshot of the not-too-distant past with transporting music already embedded into your consciousness. We’ll then do something together afterwards … and toast the New Year, each other and the MWC’s upcoming 3rd birthday. DETAILS: A Crowdtilt link will be sent via email to all MWC members.  Tickets are $113. each and the performance is on Saturday, January 18th at 2 pm.

White House copyWHITE HOUSE TOUR:  IT’S BACK ON! :  We just heard from Sen. Kristen Gillebrand’s office this week that the sequestration-suspended White House tours have been reinstated and our application has been re-submitted.  Since this was never an easy process there are a few details of which you might need to be reminded.  First:  All current MWC members on the original list (and you should know who you are) are, of course, still on the list.  If it turns out that capacity is limited (it may not be), we will use the original list to establish priority.  Second:  If you are a new MWC member and would like to be included in this event, please send us an email with “White House” in the subject line.  You will be added to the current list (which is in order of requests as they came in) but be advised that you will need to submit additional information which the White House Tour office uses for security-screening (which we will ask you for individually).  Third:  We have no idea when this might be.  In general, the White House Tour office quotes 4-5 months from the date of the application but, let’s face it, there’s probably a back-log.   So, gather up your good natures and, if you’re willing, try to go with the flow here and hope you can be available for whatever date we finally get.  Based on the schedule, we will figure out transportation and other DC activities and logistics.

TribecaGrill signLUNCH BUNCH BEGINS:  The kick-off event for the LUNCH BUNCH will be at the Tribeca Grill on November 18th at 12:30 pm – thanks to the effervescent enthusiasm and organizational prowess of MWC member, Kathleen Espinoza.  The basic rules for LUNCH BUNCH (at least for now – they will probably evolve) is that each month the Lunch Bunch will be organized by a new person in a sort of round-robin fashion.  Please intend to volunteer yourself for a month to organize when you attend.  Restaurants have their own rules and the size of the group will be limited by whatever that month’s restaurant requires – so FCFS (first-come-first-served).  We will initiate the MWC No-No-Show Insurance Policy for this occasion where all MWC members will be sent a Crowdtilt link for $20 (and a processing charge) for you to reserve your spot and it will be given back to you at lunch.  As always, each table will settle up its own bill and it is suggested that you bring enough cash to make that task as easy as possible.   The focus is on trying something tribeca-grill-robert-de-nironew, interesting and reasonably-priced (a great prix-fix menu is one way to go) that  MWC members will want to try.  Kathleen chose the TRIBECA GRILL for the kick-off because it has a terrific $25 prix-fix menu with options like a perfectly grilled salmon and their deservedly famous herb-roasted chicken.  But just as much as the food, it’s great to spend some time in this uber-chic and interesting neighborhood – essentially its “headquarters” – which the Tribeca Grill is considered to be with its very-NY mix of downtown artsy types, suits, people from the upstairs-housed Tribeca Film Festival and local celebrities like Robert DeNiro .  Who knows, the King of Tribeca – the restaurant’s celebrity chef owner Drew Nieporent may stop by and say hello.  DETAILS:  A No-No Show Crowdtilt link will be sent to all members to reserve your spot.

Sotheby;s auction roomChristie's Giacometti PortraitTHE FALL ART MARKET:  If you want to see some knock-out gorgeous contemporary art, stuff which isn’t in museums, both Christie’s and Sotheby’s are having their high-powered contemporary art auctions this coming week.  That means that up until late Tuesday afternoon, you can stroll through their galleries pre-auction and be dazzled by artwork by Giacometti, Leger, Picasso, Miro, Gris (among others) which will be sold on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  The estimates are mostly in the million dollars – up to $50MM for both of the Giacometti’s – and you’ll probably read all about it in the Wednesday or Thursday NYTimes.

CUBA TRIP:  The reservation, schedule and pricing information has arrived for THE WINDOWS PROJECT trip to Cuba  at the end of January.  Everyone who has expressed an interested in this trip (whether or not you were able to make the planning session) will be sent these tout suite.  If anyone who has not previously expressed interest would like this information, please send in an email with “NEW CUBA” in the subject line and you will be included on the list.


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