CORRECTION:  This post is being re-sent because the dates for both the Chelsea Walk and the AIA-NY Tour were not correct.  Pls. refer to THIS version.  This post is about two events – a Chelsea Gallery Walk and an AIA-NY Around Manhattan Architecture Tour (in September!).   Also, PLS NOTE:  We now have TWO OPENINGS  for our tour of the BARNES FOUNDATION in Philadelphia on April 29th.  If you hadn’t signed up but now find you can join us – send us an email, and we will make arrangements with you directly.  First-come/ first-served. Search the site for the post with the details.

Abstract AWHEN IS SOMETHING AN ANNUAL SOMETHING?   Good question.  We’re going with on or about the second time or, we did it last year and we’re doing it again this year.   And, truly, we hope the MWC is around for a long time and that the many things we do that have seemingly infinite variety …. museums, theater, neighborhoods … have “annual” (at least!) versions.

Chelsea DSo, wait for it, announcing:  OUR SECOND ANNUAL CHELSEA GALLERY TOUR !  Last June we had a guided tour of several Chelsea art galleries, courtesy of MWC member Eloise Reddy and Jill Nathanson, owner of New York Art Gallery Walk.  Jill has been giving gallery tours for the past six years and is an abstract  painter herself – so who would know the terrain better ?  She gleans approximately 10 exhibitions from the scads on offer based on her review of art blogs, fellow artists’ buzz and, of course, her own artist sensibility. This was a real eye-opening event for us last year – the art we saw, how to navigate the area, how to get information on who is showing Chelsea Cwhat – and even for some of us diehard New Yorkers, we felt introduced to something new in our City.  We’re also especially eager to show our support for the Chelsea Gallery district which was so severely damaged from Hurricane Sandy and, owing to truly super-human effort on the part of the gallery operators and their many supporters they are, almost unbelievably, up and running again.    So, we’re going again – with renewed appreciation and anticipation !  New galleries, new art – in a new season.  What could be better?  Details:  WEDNESDAY, May 22nd at 11 am.  We’re figuring this out but expect the cost to be approximately $30. per person    As usual, you will soon be sent a reservation / payment email with a link  – if you’re interested, sign up quickly because we only have room for 15 of us.    Break out your most comfortable shoes as this will be a brisk-paced, all-walking tour.  A week or so before the event we will send out meet-up info and see who wants to be included in the lunch reservation.

AIA AAN EVENT IN SEPTEMBER – ARE YOU KIDDING ? – Uh, well, no – we’re not kidding.  But this is the unbelievably popular and hard-to-book American Institute of Architects-NY (AIA) Around Manhattan Architectural Tour.  And it’s “around” in the sense of being in a boat – a 1920’s classic cruising IAC Building Brings Frank Gehrys Fanciful Vision To New Yorkyacht, no less,  going “around” Manhattan.   And September (we’re planning on Sunday, September 15th)  is a particularly sublime and gorgeous time to do this.  So, we’re telling you all about this now (and, yes, will soon send out a reservation / payment link) because this is such a popular,  open-to-the-public AIA Fevent that the only way we could hold onto a small bloc of tickets was to do this VERY EARLY (after no small amount of pleading, begging, cajoling … you get the picture).

OK, so why is this so exceptional, so exciting ?  Because at AIA Gsome point or another we all get a bit undone by NY’s vastness.  And trying to take in any meaningful amount of its architecture in one go is a good example.  So seeing a great spectrum of it – with expert commentary by AIA architects – from the water is the best way to approach it.   From the “Starchitecture” dotting the AIA EWest Side (think Jean Nouvel and Frank Gehry) to historic but rarely-noticed waterfront icons (the gorgeous Art Deco Holland Tunnel ventilator shafts, the bygone era  Erie Lackawanna Railroad and Ferry Terminal in Hoboken,  and the  exterior of the Battery Maritime Building) to Brooklyn’s controversial, not yet transformed Domino Sugar Factory to the soon to be re-opened pedestrian High Bridge, linking Harlem and the Bronx – these are AIA Honly a few of the 156 sites you will see during the 3-hour, 36-mile tour.  Yes, the Bronx is up and the Battery’s down – and they and everything in between has something to be seen.   Hey, how long would it take you to see these on your own?  Details:  Sunday, September 15th at 2 pm.  Tickets will be $ $78.  Family is invited.  We will send meet-up details closer to the date.  But, really, if you can hold onto the date NOW, snap up these tickets as soon as you get the payment link – because these will be gone in a NY minute.


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