SUMMER SCATTER happens every year.  We all want to take advantage of great weather and vacation time to see new places, see family and friends and try new experiences.  Traditionally, the Manhattan Women’s Club has taken a summer break for July and August.  Of course, as with almost everything, the pandemic interrupted that schedule and, since most of us were stuck in place, there was an effort to provide as many remote activities as possible.  The MWC’s activity leaders did a terrific job in offering ZOOM activities to the membership and it was hugely helpful for many of us in maintaining contact with others.

During this past year we had several false starts, just when we were all hopeful that the MWC would return to business as usual.  We got off to a good start with our HOMETOWN TOURIST outings, a resuscitation of weekly MAH JONGG, a HOLIDAY COOKIE EXCHANGE PARTY, a NYPL TREASURES visit, a ROCKEFELLER CENTER tour and a couple of several theater events (PARADISE SQUARE, CAROLINE OR CHANGE).  But, with a succession of Covid-variants (Delta, Omicron, BA4, BA5 …etc). and inconsistent government and business policies in response, the MWC membership, understandably, was tentative in determining what group activities they felt comfortable participating in.  Cancellations, revised hours and admission requirements, limitations on group size … well, it was a crazy year!

So, it’s time for a break!  For, at least, the next two months, there will be no scheduled MWC group activities.  Individual activity groups will determine how they choose to operate during the break, if at all.  Meanwhile, as usual, this time will be used as a time to clean up, reorganize and reevaluate and possibly redirect the MWC’s activities, structure and purpose.  If any of you have thoughts about this, please send comments to admin@manhattanwomenscluib.com and/or participate in a MWC-SLACK group where we can have an open conversation about the future of the group.

In the meantime, have a great Summer!



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