It’s a new year that’s a-comin’, everyone. And here’s a preview of some of the many great things which are already on the roughed-in agenda for the Manhattan Women’s Club in 2016-2017 – our sixth year!  As always, however, the best events are the ones suggested by MWC members – if you have an idea of something you’d like to explore and think others would like to also, please go to the Members’ Info tab on the Members’ site menu ribbon, and in the middle column you will find “Create An Event.”  Click on this and fill out the form – you can fill out the whole thing or which ever bits you know at that point in time.  You can simply recommend an activity, you can volunteer to organize it or lead it – whatever you want!  We’re nothing, if not flexible!

If you have friends who you think might enjoy being a part of the Manhattan Women’s Club, the start of the new membership year is a good time to noodge them to get involved.  Really – it’s not like it’s hard.  Just tell them to go to this site, subscribe and/or look for info on the homepage that says “How to Join” or “Join.”  They will then be sent a Prospective Member Application which will get the ball rolling.

PioneerWorksSo, what’s on the boil for the coming year?  Some things have already been booked, others inquired about so, as always our list is pretty ad hoc – we will add some things and delete a few others.  But as of now our activity list for the coming year includes:    a trip up to Frederick Church’s home OLANA and a visit to HUDSON, NY, antique mecca on the East Coast … a Sunday excursion to PIONEER
in Red Hook, the artist Dustin Yellin’s part-gallery, part-incubator, part-salon …  a sublime sunset sail CLEARWATER Main Image copyon the world-famous and National Historic Landmark, the CLEARWATER … a visit to the WOOLWORTH BUILDING, followed by a walk over the BROOKLYN BRIDGE (and maybe a walk over to Jack the Horse for a drink aftewards) … a chance to catch the STUART DAVIS show at the Whitney … we will be finishing up the MWC FINANCIAL LITERACY SERIES this Fall with the last two of the six-part series:  the next one will be on SOCIAL SECURITY DAVIS SWING LANDSCAPE MAIN IMAGE(uh, yes, you want to go) … that brand new NYC exhibit opening at the MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, years in the making … the start of (hopefully) an MWC RAMBLERS group, to take some country walks … as always, regular THEATER offerings … possibly a second session of PICTURE YOURSELF for our MWC Bench contributors … a Saturday MADISON AVENUE GALLERY TOUR, by an expert who knows what’s upstairs in all of those galleries! … let’s go to an AUCTION, there are lots of them; maybe a fancy auction or toone of the lesser-known houses … time to get that NYC HISTORIC HOUSE tour together; we Park Avenue Armoryforget how many great ones there are right here in the city … it would be fun to go to one of the avant-garde performances at the PARK AVENUE ARMORY which use the historic, vast space as a jumping off point … we need to get more music on our agenda, so let’s take a look at NY’s newest performance space NATIONAL SAWDUST and the always-fun POISSON ROUGE and the always-compelling BARGEMUSIC … there’s nothing kookier than the MUSEUM OF ANATOMY in Gowanus, a trip there and to a few other ‘hood high spots is very much in order …hey, maybe we can get a BALLOON PREVIEW of the newbies in this year’s Thanksgiving Parade …we want to explore NY’s Revolutionary history short shrift, a REVOLUTIONARY TOUR of the Financial District should get us started … a visit to the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE … we haven’t done BargeMusicmany “good works” events, but this year we’re considering sponsoring a team for the BREAST CANCER WALK/ RUN in October and also finding a good time to participate in a CITY HARVEST group activity … one of our favorite early activities was a tour of the STEINWAY FACTORY in Queens so we’re trying to do that again, especially for new members … If enough of us can get up early enough on a Sunday, we’d like to go to a service at which the BROOKLYN GOSPEL CHOIR performs … sometime in the dog-days of winter, a TRIVIA NIGHT will be put together (maybe a Scavenger Hunt instead of or as well, also) … it has come up several times that a SCOTCH or WHISKEY TASTING could be a lot of fun, especially since there are so many new, artisanal NYC purveyors.  A blind WINE TASTING has also been recommended along with a LONG ISLAND WINE TOUR.

These will not all happen … but other ones will !  As every year …. we still have our BIG THREE activities to work on; activities which we’ve never been able to pull off or even get much traction on.  Anyone who can help us make these happen will get an as yet undetermined prize (don’t know yet, but it will be something good!).  They are:  a meal at the “real” RAOUL’S, a RIDE IN A BLIMP, Fuji, Goodyear or otherwise and a tour of the OLD CITY HALL “PHANTOM” SUBWAY STATION (for less than $10,000!).  In addition to the current recurring activity groups (MahJong, three book groups, Movie Mavens, Lunch Bunch, Tennis…) other ones being considered are: a bridge group, a second Evening Book Group and an  “Articles” Group (one that chooses a single long-form journalism piece to discuss) and an Investment Group.  A return to Chautauqua, possibly a group trip to Europe, another trip to Brimfield  are all being evaluated…. you know, this list really DOES go on and on …

As you may have figured out already, the site is getting it’s annual coat of fresh paint.  It has been moved to a new host and we now have a staging site so new functionality can be tried out, tested and experimented with NOT on the live site.  New membership functionality is now being tested, the marketplace is being looked at (yes, still!), we’re trying to get a better understanding of how to make the discussion boards more user-friendly, how to handle RSVP’s and payments more easily and directly …. honestly, the list goes on and on.  A mobile phone RSVP/ Payment app is being worked on as well.  August is the perfect time to do this stuff – fewer activities, low site traffic and a quiet month all help.  Also being figured out is how to more efficiently use our Google interfaces – especially for activity leaders to be able to schedule and post events on the calendar automatically; this has been a bug-bear for awhlie now.  This is all boring – but important! – stuff which makes it easy to run our little group and improve communications.


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