Commentary / Writing Out Loud

IT’S A NEW DAY – A NEW BEGINNING!   THANKS TO YOU, you devoted and stalwart MWC’ers. The many quite fundamental changes we have been undertaking in this “experimental year” are taking hold.  A new calendar, new technology of various types and new activities - organized by members! (PS: If you haven’t yet picked a date or committed to an activity – what’s keeping you?)  We're still getting used to MWC-SLACK - but it's a game-changer. It gives us the ability to communicate with each other  - individually or in groups or for the entire membership – instantaneously.   We’re not done yet and it will take awhile before we all actually feel comfortable with these changes.   We have held off on introducing new members while we got these changes under our belts – but it may now be time.  There will be more later – always more.  Hey, time for a group hug, doncha think??


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