Commentary / Writing Out Loud

THE NATIONAL WOMEN'S HISTORY MUSEUM is inching forward with a key vote last week in the house - 374-37 - approving the Smithsonian Women's History Museum act.  Just as important, as you can tell by the vote count, support was bipartisan - a rare occurrence these days.  The only female legislator to vote against it (no, not Susan Collins!) was Rep. Liz Cheney from Wyoming (and daughter of DIck Cheney) who did so in the name of ... equality.  Uh, go figure.  Now the bill goes to the Senate - let's see if this bipartisan thing can keep on going.  Would be a shockeroo for this to be voted down in this all-important year, the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in the US!  Not sure, but it looks like the bill requires the Museum to be on the Mall, which was looking iffy at one point. Hooray!  New Yorkers should be proud that one of the bill's sponsors and longest term supporters was none other than Long Island Rep. Carolyn Maloney.   The MWC sponsored an event for the National Women's History Museum about five or so years ago and now it's time to get back on board and do what we can to help make sure this happens.  Watch this space!



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