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SHOPPING CHALLENGED? :  It may be the holidays which, of course, are supposed to bring on marathon shopping outings but for me, for the past several years now, I've felt shopping challenged.  There are several reasons for this but one major one is that the retail landscape has changed so dramatically.  That was beginning to happen before the pandemic but Covid and lockdown accelerated the pace.  If you were a retailer with not much of a safety net and all of the sudden people were no longer out and about well, it would be dire.  Starting in 2019 and after a couple of acquisitions and bankruptcies between then and 2021, my favorite department store - LORD & TAYLOR's - bit the dust.  They've recently announced an online only strategy.  Oh wow - that's novel!  My other favorite - CENTURY 21 - always felt like a New Yorker's sort of place wihere you could find everything from Playtex bras to Marc Jacobs cocktail dresses.  I had a friend who bought a Valentino couture gown there!  It was my favorite place for oddball accessories that you didn't know you needed until you saw them.  They say they're coming back, too - but I'll believe it when I see it.  FILENE'S BASEMENT (famous long ago, in Boston at least, for their annual bridal gown scrum in the actual basement of Filene's Department Store), LOEHMANN'S, SYMS, BROOKS BROTHERS  - have all pretty much gone poof!  Not it's not like you can't go to SAKS and BLOOMINGDALE's but, honestly, trekking to midtown isn't as much fun as it used to be.  Are we all supposed to buy everything from AMAZON?  Honestly, it's enough to make me start sewing - whoa, now that's a BAD idea!   Where do you do your fashion shopping these days ?


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