Commentary / Writing Out Loud

WELCOME TO THE MWC'S EXPERIMENTAL YEAR !   As promised at the beginning of the past Summer, we declared in this very space that the MWC was going to be examined, re-examined and put through the wash with research, focus groups, interviews, comparative studies, projections and spread sheets to figure out whether there were other, hopefully optimal, ways of organizing ourselves.  Since the MWC's launch in 2010, a lot has changed in the ways that people work, communicate and spend their time.  A good deal of this has been driven by technology.  Were you texting in 2010?  Probably not.  Were you buying things using a payment app?  Probably not.  Were you visiting with your friends "in person"  on your phone, computer or tablet?  Most definitely not.  Of course, a historic pandemic made us all more dependent on these services and led us all to familiarize ourselves with them more quickly than we may have in the past.  Perhaps learning how to learn again was an unexpected benefit of the past almost-three years.  So, starting here and now, the MWC will be utilizing a range of technologies to make the group both more robust and more efficient - at the same time.  Some of these - notably SLACK - will let us be more flexible and timely while increasing our group and individual capacities to communicate with each other.  Please read the three most recent posts about the MWC's new structure.  Yes, this is an experimental year and we will learn as we go, make changes where necessary, and deal with unforeseen developments as they pop up.  And this time next year we will step back and see what went right and what went wrong.  But for now - let's have some fun together!


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