Commentary / Writing Out Loud

A SUMMER OF YOUR OWN: Doesn't it feel like we're all ready for a summer created by ourselves for ourselves - instead of one squooshed into the parameters imposed by the pandemic?  Yes, it may STILL be a bit premature and we're all pretty much looking over our shoulders for the next variant to pop up, but for the first time in almost three years there are things to do, places to go and people to see.  Some of us are even travelling!  I, for one, am trying to get that perfect balance of city and country time.  There are several museum exhibits I don't want to miss, along with a hefty portion of summer-regional theater.  This will be my second year trying to grow tomatoes and assorted other living things - which I am well and truly horrible at!  But also high on my list is to think about the future of the Manhattan Women's Club and I'm doing research on similar groups elsewhere, looking at their evolution and structure - and I'm also talking to as many MWC'ers as I can.  Want to talk?  Please email or contact me via MWC-SLACK (where I'm also creating a topic channel) - and then we'll see where we are at the end of the summer.   


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