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TIME TO BE A HOMETOWN TOURIST! :  It's accepted wisdom in NYC that real New Yorkers avoid touristica events, locations and activities like the plague.  There's more than a small dose of NYC snobbism there; often not seeing some of the sights has more to do with plain ol' laziness or inertia.  Or, when you first moved to NYC and everyone you knew was thrilled to know someone who actually lived here  AND THEN THEY VISITED and you got sort of tired to taking them to tourist attractions. Over and over.  But I can't tell you how many times I've talked to a visitor to our fair city and they''ve told me about something great that they did that I've never gotten to.  WELL, we are now in a strange and historic time when tourists are not as common as they used to be and a lot of those things you avoided doing are now pretty easy to enjoy.  This occurred to me recently when I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and it was just crowded enough.  I was able to linger in what would typically be a crowded, boffo, exhibit and where one would ordinarily have to look over others' shoulders to get a peek at something. So, between now and September 1st the MWC activities theme is going to be "TIME TO BE A HOMETOWN TOURIST" - with an emphasis on outdoor activities.  In general, these will take place on Wednesdays and they will be posted about here and the MWC-SLACK.  Yes, please invite friends!   Why should (out of town) tourists have all the fun?!


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