girls just wanna have fun B copyUnremittingly casual, unabashedly social and, we hope, irrepressibly fun – that’s what three friends (Marilyn, Dee and Sue) pretty much had in mind in thinking about a women’s club in Manhattan. But, of course, nothing in Manhattan is much like counterparts anywhere else. We believe that the people here are more interesting and varied, the appeal and stimulation of our fair city are great – but nonetheless there often comes a time (whether you’re living in Manhattan or Sheboygan) when you begin to find that you can add-back some me-focus to your life. Maybe you’ve just retired from a job or, eeeeck, been laid off. Maybe the kids are now in college or living someplace else. Maybe you’re new to town. Or maybe you work at home and spend a lot of time by yourself staring at your computer. There are lots of reasons why you might now have some time to reacquaint yourself with yourself.

Our fervid imaginations have come up with lots of types of activities. The point here is that any one of us can plan an activity – and it would be a lot more fun if more of us do – because we would like this group to reflect the interests of the people who are in it. Just thinking out loud we came up with:

- Arts & Antiques
- New York: Walks and Talks
- Culture: Performing Arts (Music, Dance and Theater)
- Current Events: Speakers
- Museum Excursions
- Design and Decorating
- Food – Glorious Food
- DIY: Learn How to Make …
- Ninja (Impromptu) Events
- Investors’ Group
- Cooking Club
- MahJong and Bridge

The best activities are the ones in which our members have an interest - and often help organize !  If you're new to the MWC  would like to stay in touch or join, the first step is to subscribe to this website using the form in the sidebar to the right.  If you think you want to join, please see the instructions (also in the sidebar on the right) to fill out a prospective membership questionnaire.


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