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As a group which is long on fun and activity and short on logistics and process – just as we…



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 A brand new addition to the MWC website is an area called the FORUM.  This is a new, interactive feature within the individually password-protected members' section of the site where bits and bobs of collective wisdom can be gathered and shared.   Topics can range from the immediately useful (who has a great hair colorist?) to the philosophical (words of wisdom from your mother) to the political (what's your take on DeBlasio?), to items of local intelligence and research which everyone, everywhere needs to have in their back pocket (air conditioner installation, SAT Tutors, holiday tipping, doctors ...etc.). As with all things MWC we'll walk before we run and start off with a simple topic:

                                                                    HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION

The FORUM can get as complicated (or not) as they need to be to accommodate the MWC - and if you have a topic you would like to suggest, please do !  All  members will receive an email soon with some directions as to how to do this - the more of us who participate the better - although when you're on the Members site and click on FORUM at the top this might just do the trick and be self-explanatory.   This idea was inspired by (sigh) the end of summer but also the great Instagram pictures many MWC'ers have been posting about their summer activities.  We're talking about just a couple of sentences or so - longer if you feel like it  - so crank up your metaphorical Ticonderoga #2 and tell us about your summer !     And if you're not a MWC member and would like to participate, well:   APPLY NOW 


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