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MWC Tickertape

This is a stream-of-conscious, pretty random and idiosyncratic list of upcoming (non-MWC) events, commentary, musings...which you might be interested in. It will be updated on an as-needed basis with the most recent addition being the first one that you see.

(Mar 30):  With the premiere this coming week-end of the very last six episodes of the cultural phenom, the AMC television series MAD MEN, might be fun to get a group together for a group pic (selfie?) sitting on the MAD MEN BENCH (featuring the famous silhouette of Don Draper) outside the Time-Life Building at Sixth Avenue and 50th Street ... Uh, in the can you believe it department with snow flurries forecast for this week,  NYC's opening day for baseball at Yankee Stadium is on Monday, April 8th - Yankees vs the Toronto Blue Jays; maybe they can throw snowballs instead .... second in the same department, Coney Island opened for the SUMMER last week-end ...  [Sob] Cafe Dante, the 100-year old mostly coffee outpost on MacDougal St in Greenwich Village has closed, no longer viable in our mocha-frappe-latte-foam-flat-white world ...  Are you a New York Nerd?  If you are, check out the fascinating blog: I QUANT NY.  Written by super-nerd charmer and quant, Ben Wellington, it's dedicated to analyzing and communicating the stories behind NYC's open data sets.  Lots of great stuff there !  Read More >>


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