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MWC Tickertape

This is a stream-of-conscious, pretty random and idiosyncratic list of upcoming (non-MWC) events, commentary, musings...which you might be interested in. It will be updated on an as-needed basis with the most recent addition being the first one that you see.

(April 20th):  Opening on April 21st, the Museum of the City of New York's exhibition SAVING PLACE, will commemorate the 50th Anniversary of NYC Landmarks Law which was enacted in April, 1965.  Check it out and see examples of NYC historic preservation throughout the City - which many cite as a prime factor in its rebirth. ...  Speaking of anniversaries, did you know that 2015 is NEW YORK CITY'S 350th BIRTHDAY ?  Yep, its charter was signed in 1665. ... Four more week-ends of the L-TRAIN SHUTDOWN for much-needed repairs.  In the disaster lexicon of our day, it's being called "L-mageddon"  as the hipster neighborhood's residents find themselves dependent on the J, M, Z and G (oh, no!) trains.  The MTA says the L will be back in week-end service as of Friday, May 22nd.  ...  This past Saturday's BALMY 80+ DEGREE WEATHER was the first time in 203 days (since the previous September 14th) that the mercury edged past that mark.  It was standing room only in Central Park's Sheep Meadow!   Read More >>


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