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MWC Tickertape

This is a stream-of-conscious, pretty random and idiosyncratic list of upcoming (non-MWC) events, commentary, musings...which you might be interested in. It will be updated on an as-needed basis with the most recent addition being the first one that you see.

(Dec. 17th - 2015) :  It’s the holidays – time to start singing, “The weather outside is frightful …” Except that it ISN’T.  It’s December and it’s SPRING IN NEW YORK.  Hope that doesn’t mean we’ll get walloped with crazy cold for the rest of the Winter. … The best donuts in NYC are … in a carwash?  Yep, it’s called UNDERWEST DONUTS and they are fried to order and then smothered in warm cinnamon sugar.  Or they have special flavors (which tend to sell out early in the day) like:  Halva, Maple Waffle, Carwash Donut, and Brown Butte.  (12th Avenue / 46th-47th -  look for the Car Wash sign) … Have little kids in the house?  Get yourself to Target’s pop-up WONDERLAND at 14th St and 10th Avenue (only until Dec. 22nd).  It really is spectacular (if a bit merchandising-heavy) – but with treats and gadgets and fantasy and goodwill galore.  And free glitter tattoos (looking at mine right now). …   There’s lots of great end-of-year entertainment and cultural stuff to duck into right now – the AMERICAN DANCE THEATER is staging classic dance choreography from American Musicals at the Joyce Theater until Jan 4th … The NEUE GALLERIE’s exhibit: BERLIN METROPOLIS 1918-1933 – a snapshot of Germany during the Weimar Republic is gorgeous and moving. … The Met’s secondary Costume Institute presentation of the year is now focusing on style icon Jacqueline de Ribes and her ART of STYLE.   Jacqueline de Ribes is often called “the most stylish woman in the world”; someone so confident she would often take a scisssors to her haute couture gowns and refashion them to be exactly to her liking.  Doesn’t hurt that she has the most beautiful profile which can’t be overwhelmed by gorgeous fashion. … Just want to snuggle in for some decadent binge-watching? – try Netflix’ six-part British drama RIVER starring Stellan Skarsgard (a well-known character actor you’ll recognize – he played the uber-creepy Martin Vanger in GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO).  … And, of course, there are a lot of great movies, including STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS.  Yes, have to see it!   Happy Holidays, everyone!   Read More >>


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