gone-fishing AThis post is to remind you that August is a vacation month and that there are no MWC activities scheduled.  Hope more and more MWC’ers sign up on Instagram and get to see the great vacay pics many are posting – it’s a lot of fun to see what everyone is up to !  You will also get some notices – starting in the next several weeks – of activities that are planned, some changes to the website (which, if we can get them done in time, may have a “soft” launch while kinks are worked out) and maybe even some early sign-ups and a notice for next year’s dues.  Many great things are afoot.  But in the meantime, enjoy this extraordinary summer weather, spend fun time with your family and friends and revel in the season !

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Go outside and Play header BLANKThis post is a nowhere-near exhaustive list of some only-in-summer activities going on in NYC – and a reminder that while it is often glorious to get out of the city during this season it is often just as glorious to stay.  This list skews towards the theatrical – but virtually every interest is indulged in this beloved season.  If you have other summer-in-the-city activities to recommend, please send them in ! Continue reading

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Red Hook Warehouse Header BLANKThis post is about the July Lunch Bunch outing on Thursday, July 10th to the BROOKLYN CRAB, in Red Hook.  Transportation options are being figured out – we hope we can take a ferry from downtown ManhattanFollowing the post is a gallery of photos taken during the MWC’s recent HUDSON VALLEY DAY-CATION – it was a truly fabulous day; the weather cooperated, the views were stunning, and our lunch at the CIA was imaginative and wonderful.   The only complaint would be that more time was needed at the FDR Museum to take in the multi-media presentations of both his presidency and an era of historic scope.

You know how every once in a (long) while you give in to a less than generous impulse and keep a bit of really great information to yourself?  Especially in NYC – where the arc from unknown to too popular seems to take a nano second and then you find yourself shut out !   It could be a great hairdresser.  Or someplace Brooklyn Crab Dwhere you get great deals on something …  Well, that’s how a lot of people feel about BROOKLYN CRAB, that kooky-crazy restaurant on stilts in Red Hook, Brooklyn that  screams beach shack – even though it’s perched high above a formerly industrial bit  of waterfront now identified by its signature red brick Civil War era “stores” (warehouses).  Difficult to get to (unless you take a ferry!) this neighborhood’s gritty remoteness is what has attracted its creative denizens, who have in turn made this outpost cool and artisanal (especially since being whacked by Hurricane Sandy) with a thriving arts and food culture. Continue reading

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