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MWC Tickertape

This is a stream-of-conscious, pretty random and idiosyncratic list of upcoming (non-MWC) events, commentary, musings...which you might be interested in. It will be updated on an as-needed basis with the most recent addition being the first one that you see.

MAR -2016:  Holy smokes - it's going up to the mid-70's today in a wonderful, early break-out Spring day.  Will probably be gone by the time this is written - so take advantage of it.  Or at least get yourself a new swimsuit! ... Ever wonder why there's a daffodil in the MWC logo?   Click "FAQ" on the menu ribbon and find out. .... Coming late to the Pentatonix Party?  This five person a cappella group from Texas, with their super-tight harmonies and  winning mix of easy listening, beatboxing and strong basslines is just heaven.  Their renditions of cover songs from other artists - but with their own approach and usually some additional material is stratospherically mood-brightening. ...  The NYTimes distributed a funny, cardboard 3-D (oh yeah, it's called "virtual reality" now) viewer to the paper's home subscribers a few months ago.  You're supposed to fit your cellphone into it and then watch the NYTimes (and others') virtual reality videos through the googly eye lenses.  It's a real WOW - but make sure you're sitting down when you watch.  The videos often make you want to fly!  Try to figure out where to get a viewer and try it out! ... The exciting buzz New York City is so famous for is largely the result of being home to a vast gypsy population of very talented creatives.  But the gig economy with lots of late and no payment - not to mention the cost of NYC real estate - is killing them.  NYC Council Bill 1017-A, also referred to as the FREELANCE ISN'T FREE ACT is intended to establish protections for NYC freelance workers and is now in committee.  If you support freelancers, shoot your City Council representative an email. ... Just came across the BIG THINK NEWSLETTER.  Want a way to tap into the interests and expertise of about 2000 really smart people from all over the world who are thinking about stuff you never get to - this is your newsletter. ... The OCULUS Shopping Mall (oooops ... Path Station!) isn't quite open yet but you can sort-of sneak in early via some barely identified doors in 4 World Trade Center It IS exciting to see this Calatrava boondoggle from the inside; just don't bump into all those people taking selfies in the photogenic interior. ... The MET Breuer (the old Whitney on Madison at 75th) opens on March 18th - you  might want to go twice; once for the "Unfinished" opening exhibit but also to see the building brought back to its original 1966 Breuer splendor. Read More >>


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